GGB04 – Sex Roulette Parties

Hosts: Nard and Ray

Have you heard of ‘Sex Roulette Parties’? Are you going to boycott Pride parades? Do bears have low self-esteem? Would you buy a universal translator? Would you eat a green burger from China?

Download MP3 – 29:59

Why Some Queer People are Boycotting LA Pride
Gay ‘Sex Roulette’ Parties? This Isn’t My Idea Of Fun
5 Harmful Lies About Gay Bears That Need to Stop
Bears More Likely To Have Lower Self-Esteem
This Revolutionary Earpiece Translates Foreign Languages in Real Time
McDonald’s Released A Green Burger In China

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GGB03 – Trans Health Care, Penis Transplant

Hosts: Nard and Ray
Guest: Julio

Julio joined us to talk about his work as a Risk Reduction Specialist in Fort Bend County Health and Human Services. We talked about health care for trans people, the whole USA on solar power and penis transplants.

Download MP3 – 26:28

The Obama administration just took another step to protect trans people — in health care
Elon Musk has a Plan to Power the Entire U.S. with Solar Power in Just 15 Years
First man to receive penis transplant in the US hopes for a normal life again

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GGB02 – Homosexuality Does Not Require Any Punishment

Happy Mother’s Day! We talked about a Saudi Cleric claiming that homosexuality does not require any punishment, a protester inside Target, GrindrFails, clinical trials to bring back the dead, a new Start Trek TV series on CBS, KFC smelling nail polish, and ecosexual bathhouses.

Download MP3 – 26:04

Leading Saudi Cleric: Homosexuality ‘Does Not Require Any Punishment in this World’
Bible-Bearing Anti-LGBT ‘Christians’ are Entering Target Stores and Terrorizing Customers
These Awkward #GrindrFails All But Guarantee A Night Alone
New Clinical Trial Will Attempt to Bring Dead Humans Back to Life
It’s Official – CBS Confirms That The New Star Trek TV Series Begins Production This Fall
Make Your Fingers Perpetually Smell Like Fried Chicken with KFC Nail Polish
You Can Literally Have Sex with the Environment in This ‘Ecosexual Bathhouse’

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GGB01 – Pilot Episode

This is our pilot episode. Nard and Ray talked about John Barrowman’s husband’s member, Dagobah sounds, LGBT characters in Star Wars, Game of Thrones’ effect on internet porn, Denmark’s bestiality laws, and Oklahoma’s court saying oral sex is not rape if the victim is unconscious. Enjoy!

Download MP3 – 20:49

GLAAD Calls on Disney to Add LGBT Characters to Star Wars
94 minutes on Dagobah
Game Of Thrones Is So Popular It Caused Internet Porn Traffic To Drop During Its Premiere
Denmark passes law to ban bestiality
Oklahoma court: oral sex is not rape if victim is unconscious from drinking

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