GGB02 – Homosexuality Does Not Require Any Punishment

Happy Mother’s Day! We talked about a Saudi Cleric claiming that homosexuality does not require any punishment, a protester inside Target, GrindrFails, clinical trials to bring back the dead, a new Start Trek TV series on CBS, KFC smelling nail polish, and ecosexual bathhouses.

Download MP3 – 26:04

Leading Saudi Cleric: Homosexuality ‘Does Not Require Any Punishment in this World’
Bible-Bearing Anti-LGBT ‘Christians’ are Entering Target Stores and Terrorizing Customers
These Awkward #GrindrFails All But Guarantee A Night Alone
New Clinical Trial Will Attempt to Bring Dead Humans Back to Life
It’s Official – CBS Confirms That The New Star Trek TV Series Begins Production This Fall
Make Your Fingers Perpetually Smell Like Fried Chicken with KFC Nail Polish
You Can Literally Have Sex with the Environment in This ‘Ecosexual Bathhouse’

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